I am Allan Ekberg, current Mayor of our great City of Tukwila.

I would like to share with you, based on support and encouragement from many of my neighbors, businesses, friends and Tukwila residents, that I am pleased to announce today I will indeed be running for Re-Election this year for the role of Mayor of the City of Tukwila.

As you may already know, I am very proud to be a lifelong resident of the City of Tukwila. I am proud to be a Foster High School graduate. Go Bulldogs.

In my time as Mayor of Tukwila, while working on the behalf of all residents, I have been successful in:

  • Installing traffic calming devices within the City, such as addition stop signs and cross walks, speed indicator signs, speed cushion (speed bumps), and law enforcement officers on motorcycles dedicated to speed enforcement.
  • Allowing residents to alert the City to issues of need within Tukwila by creating and deploying ‘Tukwila Works’, the phone app giving residents direct communication to City departments to report issues, such as, lights out, pot holes, hazardous items, garbage, graffiti, and much more.
  • Installing free Internet access to underprovided students living between Tukwila International Blvd and Military Road so they can do homework remotely on their school provided Chrome books.
  • Implementing the first ever high school student Internship program within each department in the City.
  • Establishment of the Public Safety Plan for new fire stations, police and court facilities.

Just look at the differences along Tukwila International Boulevard, with the boarding up of old properties, the build out of SHAG at Tukwila Village where we are at today, or at Southcenter with the new residential apartments and senior housing coming.

I am gratified with the work we’ve accomplished together and honored to be an advocate for ALL residents of Tukwila, but our work isn’t over and I’d like to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you in shepherding the inauguration of youth apprentice training opportunities -- through a soon to be published apprenticeship guide in coordination with the Tukwila School District.

I like to think of myself as a “Doer” Mayor, and I am laser focused in pushing forward, reducing red-tape, and listening attentively then meeting the needs of the residents. A proven fact based on my track record of responding to resident needs.

I humbly ask you to re-elect Me, Allan Ekberg, as your Mayor for all Tukwilians, for all of us who reside in our beloved city of Tukwila, Washington!